17 junho 2006

Healing Hands

"It is particularly through the hands that the will expresses itself, and ifyou want to develop your will, it is important to begin to know your hands,to take care of them and to educate them. Each finger is like an antennawhich receives and transmits waves of different kinds circulating in space.First, you must remember to wash your hands often so they are able tofunction as perfect antennae. Physical water on physical hands is notsufficient to truly wash them, however, so as often as you can, imagineturning on a tap of spiritual water, a stream of light with the purest ofcolours, and hold your hands under it for as long as possible. Becauseinitiates know how to receive currents of the greatest purity, they canperform miracles with their hands: they are able to calm, to heal and tocommand the forces of nature."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
(enviado por Paula Soveral)

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