18 novembro 2006

Olivença back to Portugal

Está em curso na Net um «abaixo-assinado», em inglês, da autoria de Sam Gomes, de Londres, dirigido a «The Ambassador of Spain», em que se denuncia a actual situação de Olivença. Pelo interesse da iniciativa, e deixando ao critério de cada um subscrevê-la, transcreve-se:

"Olivenza is a Portuguese territory illegaly occupied by Spain. Portugal does not recognize the Spanish sovereignty over the Olivenza territory. Therefore, the border between these two countries in the Olivenza region has never been defined- in the delimitation of the border between the two Iberian states 100 landmarks have not yet been placed.

The rigths of sovereignty that Portugal possesses over Olivenza are unarguable and no expert in International Law can question it. The Portuguese Constitution, in Article 5, number 3, makes it impossible for that territory to be given to Spain. Thus the only solution to this peninsular litigation lies in the fulfilment of the Vienna Treaty of 1815, whereby Spain pledged to return Olivenza to Portugal, which has not happened so far.»

Created by Sam Gomes
Olivença É Terra Portuguesa!
Lx., 12-11-06.> SI/
Grupo dos Amigos de Olivença

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